The BullyBøx has been made available to over 209,000 students, representing 32 states and 16 countries!

Launched July 1, 2015

What Is It?

We are now offering The BullyBøx Free, allowing students at participating schools to make unlimited reports!  The Free Version includes the following features:

  • Wireless platform, facilitating safe/anonymous reporting of bullying and other school safety concerns (weapons, drugs, fights, etc)
  • The BullyBøx  app is available free to students, when adopted by their school
  • Provides a "voice" to those being victimized, as well as empowering "up-standers"
  • Available on iOS and Android platforms (covering over 90% of the wireless market) and internet-capable desktop computers
  • Student-generated reports are automatically forwarded to designated school administrators, via email 

The BullyBøx Pro:  At $499.00/year, the Pro Version is affordable for any school....large or small, and includes the following added features:

  • Our data-analytics web-tool will help administrators  effectively evaluate, modify, and improve upon existing strategies to combat bullying and other school-safety issues.  In addition, the web-tool will provide auto-generated report summaries, as well as end-of-year reports
  • Students have the available option of attaching photographic evidence or screenshots to reports submitted via The BullyBøx (think cyberbullying)
  • Administrators have the option of receiving an immediate-notification phone call when pre-selected key words are included in the report, such as "gun", "bomb" , "kill", etc.
  • Rollout Tools: including customized promotional posters to display your school's password for The BullyBøx app, as well as a promotional "how-to" video

 Registration is quick and easy.  To bring The BullyBøx to your school, please click here .

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